Rate list (Dollar Cards)

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Rates are charged in cents per minute and calls are rounded up to next minute. All rights reserved. Rates are subjected to change without notice.

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Destination Rate (USD/min)
Afghanistan [FIX] $0.18719
Afghanistan [MOB] $0.19820
Albania [FIX] $0.06807
Albania [MOB] $0.23724
Algeria [FIX] $0.05305
Algeria [MOB] $0.27127
Algeria [Wataniya] $0.27628
American Samoa [FIX] $0.03203
American Samoa [MOB] $0.03203
Andorra [FIX] $0.02002
Andorra [MOB] $0.14915
Angola [FIX] $0.07808
Angola [MOB] $0.07808
Anguilla [FIX] $0.06106
Anguilla [MOB] $0.17217
Antarctica [FIX] $0.21121
Antigua and Barbuda [FIX] $0.11111
Antigua and Barbuda [MOB] $0.10611
Argentina [FIX] $0.01401
Argentina [MOB] $0.08809
Armenia [FIX] $0.09109
Armenia [MOB] $0.14615
Aruba [FIX] $0.08008
Aruba [MOB] $0.18218
Ascension Islands [FIX] $0.52553
Australia [FIX] $0.01602
Australia [MOB] $0.05305
Austria [FIX] $0.01702
Austria [FREE] $0.00300
Austria [MOB] $0.03303
Austria [SPC] $0.02603
Azerbaijan [FIX] $0.20020
Azerbaijan [MOB] $0.29630
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Bahamas [FIX] $0.07307
Bahamas [MOB] $0.14715
Bahrain [FIX] $0.01401
Bahrain [MOB] $0.04204
Bangladesh [FIX] $0.03704
Bangladesh [MOB] $0.03904
Barbados [FIX] $0.08909
Barbados [MOB] $0.15415
Belarus [FIX] $0.22022
Belarus [MOB] $0.20420
Belgium [FIX] $0.01201
Belgium [MOB] $0.04605
Belize [FIX] $0.19920
Belize [MOB] $0.21722
Benin [FIX] $0.19119
Benin [MOB] $0.18418
Benin [SPC] $0.18318
Bermuda [FIX] $0.02803
Bermuda [MOB] $0.03003
Bhutan [FIX] $0.07908
Bhutan [MOB] $0.07908
Bolivia [FIX] $0.06306
Bolivia [MOB] $0.13313
Bosnia-Herzegovina [FIX] $0.10611
Bosnia-Herzegovina [MOB] $0.24725
Botswana [FIX] $0.04705
Botswana [MOB] $0.17117
Brazil [FIX] $0.01702
Brazil [MOB] $0.04705
British Indian Ocean Territory [FIX] $0.79880
British Virgin Islands [FIX] $0.10511
British Virgin Islands [MOB] $0.17017
Brunei Darussalam [FIX] $0.01702
Brunei Darussalam [MOB] $0.01702
Bulgaria [FIX] $0.04004
Bulgaria [MOB] $0.31632
Burkina Faso [FIX] $0.19620
Burkina Faso [MOB] $0.21221
Burundi [FIX] $0.05806
Burundi [MOB] $0.07608
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Cambodia [FIX] $0.03504
Cambodia [MOB] $0.03504
Cameroon [FIX] $0.11612
Cameroon [MOB] $0.18118
Canada [FIX] $0.00601
Cape Verde [FIX] $0.14014
Cape Verde [MOB] $0.21922
Cayman Islands [FIX] $0.04905
Cayman Islands [MOB] $0.13113
Central African Republic [FIX] $0.29229
Central African Republic [MOB] $0.28529
Chad [FIX] $0.16016
Chad [MOB] $0.22523
Chile [FIX] $0.01902
Chile [MOB] $0.03003
China [FIX] $0.03303
China [MOB] $0.03403
Colombia [FIX] $0.03403
Colombia [MOB] $0.07007
Comoros [FIX] $0.23423
Comoros [MOB] $0.29730
Congo Democratic Republic [FIX] $0.18519
Congo Democratic Republic [MOB] $0.25025
Congo Democratic Republic [SPC] $0.32833
Congo [FIX] $0.31131
Congo [MOB] $0.30230
Cook Islands [FIX] $0.56557
Cook Islands [MOB] $0.43744
Costa Rica [FIX] $0.01301
Costa Rica [MOB] $0.04505
Croatia [FIX] $0.01201
Croatia [MOB] $0.12312
Cuba [FIX] $0.89590
Cuba [MOB] $0.87888
Cyprus [FIX] $0.00901
Cyprus [MOB] $0.02703
Czech Republic [FIX] $0.02002
Czech Republic [MOB] $0.06507
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Denmark [FIX] $0.00901
Denmark [MOB] $0.04805
Djibouti [FIX] $0.30931
Djibouti [MOB] $0.31031
Dominica [FIX] $0.04404
Dominica [MOB] $0.17718
Dominican Republic [FIX] $0.02703
Dominican Republic [MOB] $0.07708
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
East Timor [FIX] $0.45646
East Timor [MOB] $0.44545
Ecuador [FIX] $0.09309
Ecuador [MOB] $0.19119
Egypt [FIX] $0.08008
Egypt [MOB] $0.07908
El Salvador [FIX] $0.11612
El Salvador [MOB] $0.14114
Equatorial Guinea [FIX] $0.17417
Equatorial Guinea [MOB] $0.17417
Eritrea [FIX] $0.22823
Eritrea [MOB] $0.22723
Estonia [FIX] $0.01602
Estonia [MOB] $0.17117
Ethiopia [FIX] $0.21722
Ethiopia [MOB] $0.22422
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Faeroes Islands [FIX] $0.04404
Faeroes Islands [MOB] $0.16517
Falkland Islands [FIX] $0.56356
Falkland Islands [MOB] $0.53453
Fiji [FIX] $0.22623
Fiji [MOB] $0.22022
Finland [FIX] $0.03203
Finland [MOB] $0.04404
France [FIX] $0.00801
France [MOB] $0.03003
French Guiana [FIX] $0.01502
French Guiana [MOB] $0.05105
French Polynesia [FIX] $0.15816
French Polynesia [MOB] $0.24424
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Gabon [FIX] $0.30130
Gabon [MOB] $0.32933
Gambia [FIX] $0.40040
Gambia [MOB] $0.43544
Georgia [FIX] $0.03904
Georgia [MOB] $0.10611
Germany [FIX] $0.01001
Germany [FREE] $0.00300
Germany [MOB] $0.05105
Ghana [FIX] $0.19019
Ghana [MOB] $0.24324
Gibraltar [FIX] $0.02903
Gibraltar [MOB] $0.17818
Greece [FIX] $0.01101
Greece [MOB] $0.05606
Greenland [FIX] $0.30130
Greenland [MOB] $0.44144
Grenada [FIX] $0.05806
Grenada [MOB] $0.17818
Grenada [SPC] $0.16216
Guadeloupe [FIX] $0.01502
Guadeloupe [MOB] $0.04805
Guam [FIX] $0.01602
Guatemala [FIX] $0.07708
Guatemala [MOB] $0.10811
Guinea [FIX] $0.37137
Guinea [MOB] $0.38539
Guinea-Bissau [FIX] $0.29129
Guinea-Bissau [MOB] $0.31331
Guyana [FIX] $0.18418
Guyana [MOB] $0.16917
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Haiti [FIX] $0.26627
Haiti [MOB] $0.25526
Honduras [FIX] $0.10410
Honduras [MOB] $0.11612
Hong Kong [FIX] $0.01201
Hong Kong [MOB] $0.00400
Hungary [FIX] $0.01001
Hungary [MOB] $0.05005
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Iceland [FIX] $0.01502
Iceland [MOB] $0.05606
India [BSNL] $0.01401
India [FIX] $0.01602
India [MOB] $0.01101
Indonesia [FIX] $0.04304
Indonesia [MOB] $0.05506
Iran [FIX] $0.05706
Iran [MOB] $0.07207
Iraq [FIX] $0.05405
Iraq [MOB] $0.10410
Ireland [FIX] $0.00901
Ireland [MOB] $0.08008
Ireland [National Rate] $0.09510
Israel [FIX] $0.01001
Israel [MOB] $0.02703
Italy [FIX] $0.01101
Italy [MOB] $0.07307
Ivory Coast [FIX] $0.20420
Ivory Coast [MOB] $0.24324
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Jamaica [FIX] $0.06507
Jamaica [MOB] $0.19319
Japan [FIX] $0.02402
Japan [MOB] $0.06907
Jordan [FIX] $0.08809
Jordan [MOB] $0.11011
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Kazakhstan [FIX] $0.03003
Kazakhstan [MOB] $0.08208
Kenya [FIX] $0.06106
Kenya [MOB] $0.06707
Kiribati [FIX] $0.34234
Kiribati [MOB] $0.32533
Kuwait [FIX] $0.03003
Kuwait [MOB] $0.03604
Kyrgyzstan [FIX] $0.10511
Kyrgyzstan [MOB] $0.08208
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Laos [FIX] $0.03103
Laos [MOB] $0.02903
Latvia [FIX] $0.01702
Latvia [MOB] $0.05806
Lebanon [FIX] $0.08408
Lebanon [MOB] $0.15916
Lebanon [SPC] $0.08408
Lesotho [FIX] $0.16116
Lesotho [MOB] $0.14214
Liberia [FIX] $0.18318
Liberia [MOB] $0.19319
Libya [FIX] $0.19620
Libya [MOB] $0.27828
Liechtenstein [FIX] $0.06306
Liechtenstein [MOB] $0.15816
Lithuania [FIX] $0.01502
Lithuania [MOB] $0.02803
Luxembourg [FIX] $0.01301
Luxembourg [MOB] $0.12613
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Macao [FIX] $0.03504
Macao [MOB] $0.03504
Macedonia [FIX] $0.09910
Macedonia [MOB] $0.32833
Madagascar [FIX] $0.36637
Madagascar [MOB] $0.39139
Malawi [FIX] $0.07808
Malawi [MOB] $0.06807
Malaysia [FIX] $0.00901
Malaysia [MOB] $0.02302
Maldives [FIX] $0.33133
Maldives [MOB] $0.50551
Mali [FIX] $0.17818
Mali [MOB] $0.24625
Malta [FIX] $0.01502
Malta [MOB] $0.07407
Marshall Islands [FIX] $0.21922
Marshall Islands [MOB] $0.20220
Martinique [FIX] $0.01502
Martinique [MOB] $0.04505
Mauritania [FIX] $0.30831
Mauritania [MOB] $0.34835
Mauritius [FIX] $0.10310
Mauritius [MOB] $0.10210
Mayotte [FIX] $0.04404
Mayotte [MOB] $0.06907
Mexico [FIX] $0.01201
Mexico [MOB] $0.04204
Mexico [SPC] $0.05005
Micronesia [FIX] $0.17718
Micronesia [MOB] $0.15015
Moldova [FIX] $0.11912
Moldova [MOB] $0.18418
Monaco [FIX] $0.05005
Monaco [MOB] $0.31031
Mongolia [FIX] $0.04404
Mongolia [MOB] $0.04304
Montenegro [FIX] $0.11211
Montenegro [MOB] $0.25826
Montserrat [FIX] $0.13514
Montserrat [MOB] $0.13313
Morocco [FIX] $0.01802
Morocco [MOB] $0.32933
Mozambique [FIX] $0.05906
Mozambique [MOB] $0.20721
Myanmar [FIX] $0.28629
Myanmar [MOB] $0.28929
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Namibia [FIX] $0.04905
Namibia [MOB] $0.11111
Nauru [FIX] $0.50551
Nauru [MOB] $0.71672
Nepal [FIX] $0.10511
Nepal [MOB] $0.10611
Netherlands Antilles [FIX] $0.05806
Netherlands Antilles [MOB] $0.10310
Netherlands [FIX] $0.01502
Netherlands [FREE] $0.00300
Netherlands [MOB] $0.04505
New Caledonia [FIX] $0.15315
New Caledonia [MOB] $0.14414
New Zealand [FIX] $0.01201
New Zealand [MOB] $0.04304
Nicaragua [FIX] $0.12312
Nicaragua [MOB] $0.20621
Niger [FIX] $0.17818
Niger [MOB] $0.18018
Nigeria [FIX] $0.06607
Nigeria [MOB] $0.06406
Niue [FIX] $0.30430
Norfolk Island [FIX] $0.30330
Norfolk Island [MOB] $0.27528
North Korea [FIX] $0.24124
Northern Mariana Islands [FIX] $0.02302
Northern Mariana Islands [MOB] $0.02402
Norway [FIX] $0.01201
Norway [FREE] $0.00300
Norway [MOB] $0.07508
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Oman [FIX] $0.09409
Oman [MOB] $0.24224
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Pakistan [FIX] $0.01802
Pakistan [MOB] $0.01802
Palau [FIX] $0.21622
Palau [MOB] $0.21922
Palestinian Territory [FIX] $0.12613
Palestinian Territory [MOB] $0.16817
Panama [FIX] $0.03003
Panama [MOB] $0.11111
Papua New Guinea [FIX] $0.48248
Papua New Guinea [MOB] $0.56356
Paraguay [FIX] $0.03203
Paraguay [MOB] $0.09109
Peru [FIX] $0.01401
Peru [MOB] $0.08509
Philippines [FIX] $0.10811
Philippines [MOB] $0.12813
Poland [FIX] $0.01101
Poland [MOB] $0.06206
Portugal [FIX] $0.01301
Portugal [MOB] $0.04204
Puerto Rico [FIX] $0.00901
Puerto Rico [MOB] $0.00901
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Qatar [FIX] $0.12312
Qatar [MOB] $0.17017
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Reunion [FIX] $0.01902
Reunion [MOB] $0.05205
Romania [FIX] $0.01602
Romania [MOB] $0.05305
Russian Federation [FIX] $0.02002
Russian Federation [MOB] $0.06306
Rwanda [FIX] $0.33133
Rwanda [MOB] $0.32733
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Samoa [FIX] $0.40140
Samoa [MOB] $0.43744
San Marino [FIX] $0.01602
San Marino [MOB] $0.03804
San Marino [SPC] $0.02803
Sao Tome and Principe [FIX] $0.40541
Sao Tome and Principe [MOB] $0.53954
Saudi Arabia [FIX] $0.07908
Saudi Arabia [MOB] $0.11411
Senegal [FIX] $0.15015
Senegal [MOB] $0.21321
Senegal [Tigo] $0.40741
Serbia and Montenegro [FIX] $0.08909
Serbia and Montenegro [MOB] $0.28629
Seychelles [FIX] $0.22022
Seychelles [MOB] $0.19920
Sierra Leone [FIX] $0.33834
Sierra Leone [MOB] $0.38739
Singapore [FIX] $0.00901
Singapore [MOB] $0.00901
Slovak Republic [FIX] $0.01702
Slovak Republic [MOB] $0.12212
Slovenia [FIX] $0.01401
Slovenia [IPKO] $0.35936
Slovenia [MOB] $0.06206
Solomon Islands [FIX] $0.30931
Solomon Islands [MOB] $0.30731
Somalia [FIX] $0.33433
Somalia [MOB] $0.40040
South Africa [FIX] $0.02603
South Africa [MOB] $0.08308
South Korea [FIX] $0.01101
South Korea [MOB] $0.02503
South Sudan [FIX] $0.20120
South Sudan [MOB] $0.19720
Spain [FIX] $0.01101
Spain [FREE] $0.01101
Spain [MOB] $0.06006
Sri Lanka [FIX] $0.10911
Sri Lanka [MOB] $0.11311
St Helena [FIX] $0.69670
St Kitts and Nevis [FIX] $0.07608
St Kitts and Nevis [MOB] $0.16917
St Lucia [FIX] $0.06406
St Lucia [MOB] $0.18018
St Maarten [FIX] $0.00601
St Maarten [MOB] $0.00501
St Pierre and Miquelon [FIX] $0.13413
St Pierre and Miquelon [MOB] $0.16817
St Vincent and the Grenadines [FIX] $0.07307
St Vincent and the Grenadines [MOB] $0.19520
Sudan [FIX] $0.11211
Sudan [MOB] $0.13213
Suriname [FIX] $0.11612
Suriname [MOB] $0.16016
Swaziland [FIX] $0.04304
Swaziland [MOB] $0.16517
Sweden [FIX] $0.00801
Sweden [MOB] $0.03804
Switzerland [FIX] $0.01802
Switzerland [FREE] $0.01301
Switzerland [MOB] $0.10010
Syrian Arab Republic [FIX] $0.09610
Syrian Arab Republic [MOB] $0.14615
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Taiwan [FIX] $0.01401
Taiwan [MOB] $0.06206
Tajikistan [FIX] $0.12112
Tajikistan [MOB] $0.11111
Tanzania [FIX] $0.17317
Tanzania [MOB] $0.15516
Thailand [FIX] $0.01401
Thailand [MOB] $0.01802
Thuraya [FIX] $1.46446
Togo [FIX] $0.29129
Togo [MOB] $0.31031
Tonga [FIX] $0.35335
Tonga [MOB] $0.35435
Trinidad and Tobago [FIX] $0.06607
Trinidad and Tobago [MOB] $0.14414
Tristan da Cunha [FIX] $0.63363
Tunisia [FIX] $0.36537
Tunisia [MOB] $0.36136
Turkey [FIX] $0.01502
Turkey [MOB] $0.02503
Turkey northern Cyprus [FIX] $0.04404
Turkey northern Cyprus [MOB] $0.12412
Turkmenistan [FIX] $0.09710
Turkmenistan [MOB] $0.09610
Turks and Caicos [FIX] $0.09009
Turks and Caicos [MOB] $0.17217
Tuvalu [FIX] $0.41241
U      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Destination Buy rate (/min)
US Virgin Islands [FIX] $0.01301
US Virgin Islands [MOB] $0.01301
Uganda [FIX] $0.06707
Uganda [MOB] $0.08408
Ukraine [FIX] $0.08308
Ukraine [MOB] $0.14214
United Arab Emirates [FIX] $0.14915
United Arab Emirates [MOB] $0.14815
United Kingdom [0845 Rate] $0.05305
United Kingdom [FIX] $0.00801
United Kingdom [FREE] $0.00300
United Kingdom [MOB] $0.03804
United Kingdom [National Rate] $0.02302
United Kingdom [Personal] $0.03904
United Kingdom [SPC] $0.14314
United States [FIX] $0.00901
Uruguay [FIX] $0.04204
Uruguay [MOB] $0.14014
Uzbekistan [FIX] $0.04805
Uzbekistan [MOB] $0.06406
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Vanuatu [FIX] $0.38338
Vanuatu [MOB] $0.36737
Venezuela [FIX] $0.00901
Venezuela [MOB] $0.03604
Viet Nam [FIX] $0.03403
Viet Nam [MOB] $0.03303
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Destination Buy rate (/min)
Wallis and Futuna [FIX] $0.27227
Y      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Destination Buy rate (/min)
Yemen [FIX] $0.14014
Yemen [MOB] $0.14214
Z      A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z
Destination Buy rate (/min)
Zambia [FIX] $0.06306
Zambia [MOB] $0.10410
Zimbabwe [FIX] $0.08709
Zimbabwe [MOB] $0.38939